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Preemptive Medicine

..Preemptive Medicine

"To take action to prevent (an event)", which may be anything from back pain, neck injury or

something as catastrophic as a heart attack or cancer! In a hectic, busy world, people are overbooked, overexercised, over scheduled, overtired, overworking the heart and brain; body and mind. The statistical breakdown is inevitable.

Before it ever happens, before there are even any signs or symptom, employ Dr. Blackman's, "Exemption through Preemption". It's your breakout moment! Say NO, to the MDM (Medical Disease Model), a symptom based can of worms, that can kill you (medical mistakes is the third greatest cause of death, 250.000 a year), addict you to drugs or have you suffering needlessly from, in most cases, invasive procedures. The cost is, an unthinkably, high price tag

Another words, before you are hooked up to the medical hardware, before they can run the gamut of exhaustive testing and retesting; toxic, highly addictive pain killing drugs or invasive procedures, find a new method and that new method is, Preemptive Medicine.

Dr. Blackman comes to you!! Ans shows you how to, "Cure the Cancer. Heal the Pain. Feel the Magic.". His cutting edge program has a passion, an intensity unequaled in the healthcare and fitness world. Dr. Blackman brings to you, an indefatigable energy, that removes the MDM and replaces it with a dynamic fluidity, that empowers, replenishes and restores your natural abilities to be well and fit.. His "Exemption through Preemption", is 1 to 3 days (depending upon the situation); incredible, iconoclastic, revolutionary, a healing trajectory, FOREVER!! Call NOW to schedule an appointment.

PAWP(c) rb 2o016

Premium Assurance Wellness Paradigm (c)

PAWP is a groundbreaking, unprecedented pathway, to supreme wellness. A Drug Free, Non-Invasive method of healing is provided.

The paradigm shift is remarkable. PAWP is not symptom based, which health insurance is (it actually is sickness insurance, based on a MDM, Medical Disease Model).

We've streamlined the methodology, for getting well. PAWP provides a holistic treatment program, without the skyrocketing costs that you have with today's health insurance (high deductibles, with higher premiums).

PAWP is so simple and easy! There is no paper work, fighting and at the same time stressing out trying to get, reimbursement from, profit driven health insurance companies.

The introductory cost to our valued clients/'patients is ONLY $49.50 a month, with a copay of $30 for holistic chiropractic by Dr. Robert Blackman. Fill out the coupon below and set up an appoint today. And by the way, our revolutionary fitness program is

absolutely FREE!

Website: http://newgymchiro-com.webnode.com/

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