Holistic Chiropractic © - Holistic Chiropractic is the body-mind science, intuit philosophy and the art of hands on healing, that pin points the underlying cause of your problem(s) through palpation and than corrects 'the cause's of your symptoms, without the use of drugs or highly toxic invasive procedures.

Holistic Chiropractic is not symptom based. You do not have to be in pain to see a Holistic Chiropractor. Staying ahead of the curve is critical to well-being. That's exactly how you, "Cure the Cancer. Heal the Pain.", with Holistic Chiropractic.

In a 'holon' program, where parts and wholes are interdependent Holistic Chiropractic is the PDS (Primary Delivery System). Pinpointing and correcting the potential underlying cause of imminent dis-ease ( unease, unrest, and harmony), is the premise of Holistic Chiropractic, whose treatment also helps, improves posture and increase energy and flexibility

at the same time, helping to prevent and correct the cause of degenerative breakdown, by restoring a holonic, dynamic system of balance and harmony.

N. I.S.H. A. © (Non-Invasive Surgical Harmonizing Alignment) -

N. I.S,H. A. or Non-Invasive Surgical Harmonizing Alignment is a

method of treatment researched and developed by Doctor Robert Blackman.

As a Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Blackman's procedure pinpoints

and helps correct the causes of possible degenerative breakdown (DRUDGATION) N.I.S.H.A. corrects interferences to the three major systems of the body and mind:

1- The breathing oxygenating system,

2- The nervous system

3- The cardio-vascular pulmonary system

By aligning and harmonizing the body and minds natural immunities greatly improve, at the same time correcting DRUDGATION. The three stage treatment program is a non-invasive.

1- Synchronize: Opening the lines of communication, those pathways between the heart and the brain to raise the total potential of mind body function and while helping to prevent degenerative disease.

2-Equalize: Helping to increase and balance immune/energy system function.

3-Harmonize: To help set up an exquisite harmony of body-mind and spirit.

DRUDGATION- Blockages and interferences within the

three main systems of the body as stated above eventually causing serious

degenerative breakdown, with severe malfunction of the body

and mind.

DRUDGE©- Drudge is unprocessed stress, that is the actual buildup of an inorganic like substance we call drudge on the inner arterial walls,

in the brain and nervous system, inhibiting the breathing mechanism. This is the most scientific breakthrough in health care.

Like gunk on the pistons of a car causes the car to malfunction

and be inoperable, drudge builds up particularly in the

heart, arteries and brain, interfering with the breathing mechanism,

causing serious malfunction and imbalance of the body and mind.

P. N. T.R. ©(Perceptive Neuro-Transposition Reprogramming)

Restoring and rebuilding perceptive cognition of your microcosm, ecosystem, your environmental universe right from the cellular level to the organs to the muscular skeletal system, improving posture, increasing flexibility of the body as well as agility of the mind, implementing the continued growth and changes surrounding of body-mind and spirit, in the context of a holonic paradigm of change and renewal. As we receive impulses from the outside world our ability to transpose and assimilate helps us to elevate our potential of well-being. Learn how to grow an "IMMUNE SYSTEM ENERGY SHIELD".

Convert Stress to Power©- The misunderstanding between stress and the power it generates is so often overlooked. There are so many misconceptions about stress. Linking stress to its innate power of transformation is what Dr. Blackman has studied and developed over three decades of research.

One of the most important hypothesis of the new millennium, "Convert Stress to Power", redefines stress as a dynamic, motivational force that has unlimited potential. It is instrumental in taking us to the highest levels of performance and wellness. If used correctly, it helps our natural immunity against degenerative disease. Stress has been disparaged and mislabeled. In reality stress is supremely adaptable to change. It is only when it loses its natural malleability and fluidity that it starts to degrade and breakdown. "Un-Processed stress can have dire consequences. Dr. Blackman's method of treatment of stress helps to restore its dynamic functionality.

T. A. P. ©(Trans-Aging Paradigm) - Learn how to tip the

scales and find eternal youthfulness, leaving behind old thoughts, negative feelings and the deadwood of the past, being able to call upon an ageless,

timeless, limitless potential, drawn from a well-spring (life force), that spills over into our consciousness and infuses the body and mind with a new found spirit.

M-ASSUAGE ©- M-ASSUAGE ©- A critically, simple and easy method, applied holistically. M=Assuage helps to breakdown our amour; the outer shell made up of the largest organ of the body, the skin. Also included are muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. We call that outer layer, periphery. Our energy is than impeded. The flow is compromised.

The end result is unrelenting tension, which in a way is bottled up unresolved stress. That bottled up, unresolved stress, becomes unquantifiable. Another words, it turns into "reactive distress" and or stress overload, which adds weight to the body-mind, wearing us down spiritually and ultimately wearing us out, mentally and physically. We eventually will manifest the detrimental effects of reactive distress (including unhealed past and current trauma) weighing on us. There may or may not be symptoms that are easily recognizable. So the best method to help correct. reactive stress and or stress overload, which may cause a variety of symptoms ranging from back or neck pain, headaches, unrest, sleep deprivation, stiffness, sports injury and low energy is M-Assuage (c). M-Assuage is applied while fully clothed. Another words there are no oils or disrobing. M-Assuage is the, "new millennium'' treatment methodology, developed by Dr. Blackman, He is a holistic doctor of chiropractic, who has been in practice for 35 plus years. M-Assuage not only helps reduces stress, it converts stress to wellness, so posture and breathing improves and your energy increases.

Restobics ©- "The Exercise of Play". This is a low burn fitness program initiated in the most stressful situations, which is usually occurring in the workplace, but not limited to the workplace. Restobics can be used at home or even in your car when you're stuck in traffic. Restobics is a remarkably, incredible way of unwinding, helping to increase energy, while bringing about a restful meditative state.

Restobics helps you create an expanded paradox, where the inside and outsides is a dynamic internal stretch directly proportional to a release mechanism that is implemented through breathing and posture and deep relaxation , bringing about a restful calm that helps tone body and mind and is spiritually uplifting making Restobics a very important way of exercising in the most holistic way.ere...