About us 


At NEW GYM, we show you, how to, "Cure the Cancer. Heal the Pain. Feel the Magic."....

REST-O-BICS: The dynamic, fluidity of play! Bringing isotonic and isometric exercises together,  redefining ergonomics. REST-O-BICS, transforms and transports body, mind and spirit, into NOW! The present is life's stage, where you can ameliorate the pain, rekindle the flame and become profoundly passionate!

The Phenomenal breakthrough: From Workplace, to your own living room, NEW GYM (TM), in Riverside, CA, is at the forefront of an unstoppable revolution!!

Bio: Dr. Blackman, probably the healthiest person on the planet, brings his New York swagger and unlimited passion, to the overexercised world, eclipsing ther boiler room exercise model (otherwise known as a Gym). Dr. Blackman's 40 + years as a holistic doctor of chiropractic, says it all! From the outback of Australia to the rainforests of the Caribbean, to the streets of San Francisco, he has brought a wealth of knowledge; Unique, cutting edge, he brings to Riverside, CA, the one of a kind, original, the first,

NEW GYM; (a drug free, non-toxic, organic playground).  

Drop it. Tune in.  Turn on.