"Love is the Heart and Soul of Our Humanity"

TESTIMONIAL: "When I got off the plane I couldn't walk, I had to be in a wheel chair. Dr. Blackman a holistic doctor of chiropractic,  cured my excruciating  back and leg pain. He's a miracle worker!! M. Brooks, West Palm Beach, Fl.




  • At NEW GYM  TM   we  show  you,  how  to, "Cure the Cancer. Heal  the Pain. Feel the Magiic"....NEW GYM TM    shows you  a whole different way to exercise! There  are no treadmills, no spinning! When  you come to NEW GYM TM) the exercise of wholeness  and healing begins as soon as you walk through the doors at NEW GYM TM).. NEW GYM TM )is  a  drug free,  non  invasive place to unwind, strengthen heart and mind, recharge your batteries, align "Main Frame (the spine)." and show you how to , "Convert I-Stres to MiPower!". We offer holistic chiropractic, wellness and fitness. NEW GYM is very different, unique and cutting edge; redefining healthcare and fitness.When your body slumps and your mind's in the dumps, make that life saving correction, with your NEW GYM connection!

If you are in pain we will palpate (hands on examination); no perscription drugs or invasive procedures!

 Find out what's causing your pain and then correct the cause. Say goodbye to neck and back pain, headaches, allergies and learn about NEW GYM posture and breathing. At NEW GYM, we build bridges (no walls) to help you heal and feel remarkably heathy.


Cornerstone Chiropractic 

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 Our philosophy

"Throw out the treadmills, with the spinning"...And "Drop it! Tune in! Turn on!" There is no choice! Our survival depends on it !! Here at NEW GYM (TM), we don't kill ourselves, with RTD (Repetitive Trauma Disorder), overworking joints, muscle, hearts and brains. Our way is "cooler, calmer and far smarter."

We don't (over)kill pain! We actually form an alliance with pain,  which helps healing. There is NO "overuse abuse". NO overexercising, causing RTD...The bad habits of overworking our heart and brain are gone, at NEW GYM.  Actually we show you how to strengthen the heart and brain.

Let Love IN
Let Love IN

exercise heart and mind

                          NEW GYM                                     The Fitness Revolution"

holistic chiropractic

The Spine IS Main Frame

Housing for Nervous System 


Dr. Backman's ground breaking, revolutionary, holistic method, help you find your pathway, to wellness and radical fitness...Dr. Blackman. is the very first practitioner of "Preemptive Medicine". "He'll help stop neuron death in the brain (causing Alzhiemer's and dementia), help restore the power of the heart through his proprietary method of heaiing (about one million people die from heart disease last year) and make sure you wont be a victim of medical mistakes (the third greatest cause of death in America, 250,000).He will show you how to get ahead of the healing curve!

"Be Amazed, Fascinated and Wonder Constantly!"